Massage Therapy Services



This full body treatment is also known as Swedish Massage Therapy. With the use of light to medium pressure, I utilize long rhythmic strokes, gentle kneading and circular movements which will loosen tired muscles, increase blood flow, boost your mood and leave you completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Deep Tissue


A deeper massage, this technique involves stronger pressure that targets specific areas of the body that involve the deeper layer of muscles and connective tissue. This modality is recommended for chronically tight muscles and postural problems. It is designed to relieve sore muscles and tightness, improve flexibility, increase circulation and release built up toxins.



This massage is much more specific and focused work that is goal oriented in helping you make significant progress toward better health. Using specialized massage therapy treatment techniques for the purpose of reducing and eliminating pain and discomfort, increasing range of motion, reducing muscle adhesion, increase blood flow and speed the recovery from injury.